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1. A project manager is leading a project to update computer systems. Unfortunately, inadequate training of users on the new system has caused an increase in transaction times. After implementing the risk response, the project manager has collected data on average transaction times, which will be required to assess the effectiveness of the risk response.

What should the project manager do next?


2. How should an agile team view failure?


3. A multiyear construction project is scheduled to purchase tons of steel over the course of the project. After the first year, a large tariff was placed on imported steel, sending prices up. The risk response plan is being implemented with little success. It is deemed that the procurement agreement needs to be revised to an FP-EPA contract.

What would be the most likely resulting output of implementing the risk response?


4. One risk that had been identified and accounted for during the planning stage of your construction project was delays caused by poor weather. However, the abysmal weather has exhausted the schedule reserves, and the project schedule is unattainable despite your best efforts. As a result, the project sponsor asks you to update the schedule baseline.

What should you do next?


5. Which output of the Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process includes a prioritized list of all identified risks and a summary conclusion?


6. A project has a 90% chance of making $200,000 profit and a 10% chance of incurring a loss of $50,000.

If you calculate the expected monetary value, what is the expected outcome of the project?


7. Which of the following is not an input to the Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process?


8. A product will be developed in three consecutive releases, each comprising several iterations. The project sponsor requests that each release include at least one iteration dedicated to protecting value.

How should the sponsor’s request be addressed?


9. You are planning risk management activities for a small project you are leading. The project team is having trouble assigning cost and schedule impacts to the identified risks due to a lack of high-quality numeric data.

What is your best course of action?


10. As a project execution begins, high winds prevent a team from installing the windows as scheduled. These weather conditions were accounted for in planning, but no one anticipated that the speed of the wind would be that strong.

What tool or technique would the project manager use to determine if he will be able to complete the project according to the project management plan?


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