Course TypeDate(2019)DurationPriceAction
ITIL V4April 18th, 19th4 Days₦60,000Enrol Now
ITIL V4May 23rd & 24th4 Days₦60,000Enrol Now
ITIL V4June 20th & 21st4 Days₦60,000Enrol Now
Course TypeDate(2019)DurationPriceAction
ITIL V4April 25th & 26th4 Days₦70,000Enrol Now
ITIL V4May 30th & 31st4 Days₦70,000Enrol Now
ITIL V4June 27th & 28th4 Days₦70,000Enrol Now
Course TypeDate(2019)DurationPriceAction
ITIL V4May 4th-15th10 Days₦160,000Enrol Now
ITIL V4June 1st-12th10 Days₦160,000Enrol Now
ITIL V4July 6th-17th10 Days₦160,000Enrol Now
*10% discount for first 10 to register for the course per batch (i.e. N54,000 in Ikeja and N63,000 in Lekki)

ITIL V4 Foundation

ITIL is the ultimate in IT best practice, ITIL 4 builds on all the best things from ITIL and expands IT and service operations into the future.

ITIL 4 will enable IT professionals to support their organization on their journey to digital transformation and support world-class digital services.

  • ITIL 4 helps to successfully navigate the modern digital world
  • ITIL 4 provides a holistic picture of IT enabled service delivery
  • ITIL 4 reflects and integrates other established ways of working
  • ITIL 4 incorporates all the best things from ITIL

Start Your ITIL V4 Journey

Get started with ITIL 4 Foundation. Start to build your career with ITIL or reaccredit from ITIL V3 to demonstrate your digital skills and meet your career goals.

What is in ITIL V4?

ITIL 4 provides an emphasis on the business and technology world, how it works today, and how it will work in the future with Agile, DevOps and digital transformation.

Course Outline

  1. Service Value System.

Looking beyond the delivery of services to end-to-end value co-creation.

  1. Guiding Principles

Adopt and adapt ITIL to your own needs and circumstances.

  1. Four Dimensions

Enables a holistic approach for co-creating value for your customers.

  1. Processes to Practices

Practical ‘how-to’ examples for building effective IT enabled services.

  1. Integration

Flexibility to work with other technologies and methods.


Learning Outcomes

  • Use the ITIL terminology
  • Understand the ITIL processes needed in your IT department
  • Identify the sub-activities for each best practice process
  • Understand your role and responsibilities regarding IT Service Management
  • Understand aspects of implementing ITIL processes and creating a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • Professionals will gain a systematic and professionally valued approach to best practice methodology
  • Increases the ability of a professional to identify, plan and support the IT services in a business resulting in Increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provides knowledge and helps a professional to focus on the needs of the customers and user experience rather than spending too much time on technological issues
  • It improves employment prospects with good package.
  • It teaches you the best practices on how to increase the business productivity effectively
  • It helps to identify and concentrate on highest value activities to help the organization
  1.  Over 95% of our candidates pass their exams on their first attempt
  2. We offer free exam coaching
  3.  Our facilitators have over 10 years training experience with multiple certifications & experience.
  4. We have international training experience and have trained in countries such as Ghana & Dubai.
  5. We have also trained professionals online from countries such as UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia.
  • ITIL Training Manual and Notepad
  • Tea/Lunch break
  • Exam registration guidelines

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