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1. You are the business analyst for an initiative and the project manager informs you that you need to figure out what needs to be done, what approach you need to take, as well as who needs to be involved with the work and how much they should be involved. What deliverable would you provide to the project manager as a result of these activities?


2. Which statement best describes the relationship between the lead business analyst (BA) and project manager (PM) when planning the resources and tasks for business analysis activities?


3. What describes an organization’s business processes, software, hardware, people, operations, and projects?


4. Which of these bests describes traceability?


5. What output is produced from conducting stakeholder analysis?


6. Which knowledge area’s activities are often performed as pre-project work?


7. In a meeting with executives at your company, you are discussing long term ongoing conditions the organization is striving to achieve. What are you discussing?


8. Which of the following is true regarding the six Knowledge Areas contained in the BABOK?


9. Which of the following is needed to assess a change to requirements?


10. The business analysis team is defining new capabilities for a current software system along with the potential value expected from these changes. Which task are they performing?


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